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Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year!!

The Snake is the 6th animal in the Chinese Zodiac. According to Chinese astrology those born in the Year of the Snake ar described as wise, thoughtful, guarded and slow moving. They are very private people and deep thinkers. It takes them a while to decide what they want, but when they know, they move toward their goals with ease. People take on the characteristics of the animal that rules the year of their birth. The venerable wisdom of the snake will make this a good year for reflection and planning and an auspicious year for commerce and industry. This year, however is always unpredictable: once the Snake recoils to strike, nothing can stop it. Changes that occur during the year of the snake can be sudden and devastating. Caution is recommended! People born in the Year of the Snake (1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, and 2013) are graceful and soft spoken and will graduate toward all the finer things in life. They re not likely to be bothered by money problems. The make excellent mediators and judges with their careful anlysis of any situation. They are ambitious and intelligent, but are content to relax when they have achieved their...


Our office has moved to a new location!  We are now at 932 N. Wright St. Suite 120, Naperville IL 60563! Come in for an acupuncture treatment or a relaxing massage in our beautiful new office. Also look for me in a brand new book called: Legendary Locals of Aurora by Jo Fredell Higgins! Life is...

Acupuncture Helped Mariah Carey Get Pregnant Again

Exclusive: Mariah Carey: Acupuncture Helped Me Get Pregnant Again CELEBRITY MOMS NOVEMBER 3, 2010 AT 9:23AMBY USWEEKLY STAFF After suffering a miscarriage following her April 2008 wedding to Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey cried herself to sleep many nights. But in an exclusive interview in the new Us Weekly (on newsstands now), the singer says she and Cannon never gave up. Though she dismisses reports that she did IVF, Carey tells Us Weekly she began taking progesterone, a hormone that is often prescribed to boost fertility and support or help maintain pregnancy in women susceptible to miscarriage. Cannon also tells Us Weekly his wife relied on “once-a-day” acupuncture, “all over her body. I think it helped her quite a bit, because it was a good destressor.” Seeing Carey’s face when they learned she was pregnant “was priceless,” Cannon recalls. “We definitely cried. We still cry all the time. It’s an emotional journey.” With their baby due in spring, Carey says it still “amazes” her she’s going to have Cannon’s child. “He’s a great person, and we have more in common than not,” she tells Us Weekly. “I know people initially were, ‘What? Those two?’ But I think people who know us get it.” For more – including what Carey thinks about her “weight gain”; what foods she’s craving “in the middle of the night” and how they found out she was pregnant – pick up the new Us Weekly today! Read...